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What did you do?

Papers of impending doom that you have earned
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This is a community devoted to posting about the less than nice things you have done at school, or instances where you have been framed, or you feel you have been wronged!

Post about times you've been withdrawn from classes, taken to the office, or been sat in detention.

Whether you were given a referral, or dragged off campus in handcuffs.

Near misses? Did something and got away with it?

Did an awesome prank that the humorless admin did not approve of?

This is the place for you!

Rules: They're not many, but more may come along as the community grows.

1. Try not to make your post only about fond stories in school, we want to know what you did and how you paid for it.

2. I know a lot of people probably have done some very stupid things, but try to keep down the flames, anything I see as out of hand will be deleted, repeat offenders will be banned.

3. Don't use the community to post adds for another community unless it is school related.

Contacting The Mod: Just E-Mail me at Project122@gmail.com is you have questions, concerns, or ideas on how to make the community better.

Of course this info will change as the community grows and I find more things to include.