tyciol (tyciol) wrote in saturday_school,

*steals first post*

Hay protect122! I noticed you had this empty community here that is unused. It sounds like a good intention. I think I will just post here about a story and then leave.

One time I was in a school and someone threw candy at me so I went and said "I throw yer candy in garbage" and then he bashes me with a lunch tray so we grapple and his friends distract me and he trips me. Then teacer comes. Then he throw chocolate milk in mah hair. I was upset so I walked to germany. But then his friend cut off his finger in the door.

They blamed me for it! It was unfair! Haha but he so deserved it.

Another time I threw a grape at a guy because he threw the grape at me first. Then he walkd up and smeared another grape on my shirt. I didn't know what to do! Part scarey part fight fight. Bastard.
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